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"Smiles are the Colour of Nature" and if you like your nature colourful you're in the right place.



"I love BeeFoxTree's designs! So far I've ordered a custom mug for my work colleague at Christmas (which she loves!) and a wonderful pet portrait of my cat Boo (which is going on a dress so I can go full Crazy Cat Lady)!

"Wonderful designs, great quality and fabulous to work with. I can't recommend her highly enough." Josie Lawton

Leigh Hunt wrote "Smiles are the colour of nature" and if you're like me then you're a person who NEEDS colour and nature in your life. 

I've been drawing wildlife for as long as I can remember. I have sketches of foxes and squirrels from when I was 9 years old and I'm reliably informed I declared my intention to become an artist when I was mearly 4 years old.  

I joined every possible after-school art class, studied Foundation Art and Design at Manchester Metropolitan University, then went on to earn a BA(hons) Degree in Graphic Design.

For over a decade I worked in a corporate environment designing for print and web before breaking free to begin my own independent design business, BeeFoxTree Ltd. 

Every animal illustration and pet portrait is lovingly crafted over several days in my studio in the heart of Manchester's artistic Northern Quarter.

Each creation begins as a calligraphy style brush-stroke outline, which I then carefully stroke by stoke add colour to using block colour and dotty details. Colourful and pop arty in style I capture the character and likeness of the creature or pet  companion in a memorable and unusual style. 

Most designs are available with the 5 signature colour backgrounds for you to choose from, or you can contact me with a colour swatch have them customised to suit your personal style and décor.

If you would like to add a message or dedication to any of my existing designs, or are thinking about commissioning your own pet portrait please use the contact form to send me your questions. I love creating custom pieces so get in touch and we'll discuss your requirements!


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